Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guess what I finished....

Need a hint?

Babette detail

Yes.  That's Babette.  1.5 skeins of white, 1.5 skeins of light gray, 2+ skeins of gray, and 2.5 skeins of black.  She's lumpy and imperfect and I love every stitch of her.  Hopefully I've learned enough making her to make my next afghan much nicer. 

Finished Babette

I checked my project details on Ravelry, and I finished this 5 months to the day after I finished it.  


I'm so ready to start a new afghan now.  I can't quite decide on a pattern yet, but it will be for Zoe.  She doesn't have a twin-sized quilt from my sister yet, so I thought I'd start with her.  Babette is mine though.  All mine.  Ok, I'll share her just a little, I guess...

Babette fans


  1. Ohhh... It's lovely! Only 5 months... Wow! I'm about half way on my granny square blanket. The stitching together is coming along fairly quickly. So soon I hope. How nice of you to share. Wishing you a happy week Jennifer. :)

  2. You are AMAZING! I love it!!! Great job!



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