Sunday, May 1, 2011

No cake fail here!

Yesterday we had Isabelle's rainbow themed birthday party.  We went to a local frozen yogurt shop, 3 Flamingos.  I had invited Isabelle's class at Mother's Day Out, not really expecting more than one person to come, because that's the most we've ever had out of any of the girls' parties.  We're used to just family.  After the first 3 RSVPs, I kind of panicked.  I'm not a really sociable person.  As hard as I try, I am really uncomfortable around people and feel like a big moron trying to keep up conversations.  To my surprise, SIX kids RSVP'd.  Two were no-shows and one came that didn't RSVP, but we pretty much hoped would come since she's Iz's BFF.  So we had 5 kids, plus our three and the little brother of one of the guests.  I didn't feel as awkward as normal, because I had more than enough to do to keep me busy and only one mom really tried to draw me into conversation (and I felt like I did a good job not sounding like an idiot LOL).  All in all, it was a huge success.  These kids were just the cutest and I wanted to put them in my pocket and take them home with me. 

Here are some highlights:

Rainbow cake
The cake!  I was so excited it turned out the way I wanted it to.  
Strawberry cake, lemon frosting, Rainbow Twizzlers

Party favors
Party favors:  Rainbow Twizzlers with gold chocolate coins at the end of the rainbow, of course
(I totally stole this idea, but can't find it now...)

Good turnout!
9 children total... and enough sugar to hype up an army!

Happy Birthday Iz!
I managed to knock out a party hat after all. 

And many more!

5 years old!
How old are you now, Iz?

I discovered that BFF's mom is crafty... she made Izzy some pink polka dot flip flops and matching hair bows.  She needs to be my new BFF ;)  

Happy May Day.... hope Mother Nature is bringing you more flowers than showers.  She's failing quite a bit at that here right now, but she's got time to redeem herself.


  1. You did it! You finished your party hat in time. I'm starting to think you have super human mom powers. Very cute! Hope things blossom with your new BFF ;)

  2. I love her cake! It's so bright and cheerful! :) And my BFF is a lady that I met when our sons were in kindergarten...she's a perfect fit! Yay for Mommy friends!!!



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