Saturday, May 21, 2011

Impromptu Fashion Show

I have a ton of bandanas.  I don't have a thing for bandanas, I don't collect them, yet I have a whole bunch of them.  Some of them I bought when a friend of mine was trying to get me to sell bandana dresses at the Memphis Flea Market.  Some of them I bought to make a rainbow dress that never materialized.  They've just piled up in my stash. 

Since it's summer, I thought it was time to throw together some quick little bandana projects.  Zoe had on her pink bandana dress today and I got inspired.  I want to sew, but I don't want to really think about it much and there's no hemming or seam finishing involved.

The girls were invading my bedroom earlier and I pulled out my pile of bandanas and they started telling me what they wanted me to do with them and wanting me to put them on their heads.  Eventually they each had a little outfit on made up of tied-together bandanas.  They wanted a fashion show.  So I got my camera and obliged. 

Forgive the sad quality of the shots.... the girls broke my ceiling fan light so all I had was my flash and a lamp and a teensy bit of daylight left. 

First up we have Miss Olivia, sporting a pink bandana head wrap, orange top, and a funky mis-matched skirt made out of a blue floral bandana and a green traditional bandana.


Next is Miss Isabelle, excuse me... Miss Greenie.  She is decked out in a blue head wrap, blue floral bandana, and a purple gingham print bandana skirt.


The always sweet Miss Zoe is showing off a beautifully colored star bandana skirt, red bandana top, and yellow bandana head wrap.


Let's hear it for our always fashionable, always adorable models!


Tonight some skirts are going to be made out of their outfits.  I'll try to get some pictures for some quick, simple tutorials.

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