Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Babette

Well, I just finished up section 9 on Babette!  One more section to go and then the border! 

Babette, section 9
Section 9 before sewing it all together

She's getting big now, and the floor needs mopping (maybe I should do more housework and less crocheting..... nah), so I had the girls hold her up to show her off.

Babette thru section 9... my helpers are too short =)
They're a little short ;)

My left shift key is giving me fits just in case I miss a capital letter somewhere along the way.  Just so you know.

I decided that since I had unearthed it pulling Babette out of my project bag to sew on section 9, that I would look through my copy of  50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & ThrowsThis is the only pattern book I have ever bought, but there were so many gorgeous afghans in it, I felt it was worth the money.  And I had a gift card.  I bought it especially for the pattern on the front of the book.

Stained Glass Window Afghan

I love stained glass and this is such a pretty afghan.  It's listed as "intermediate", so it should be fun but challenging.

Looking through the book, though, there were three others that are high contenders for my next afghan.  I just can't decide....

Joyous Squares

Fantasy Garden

And there is one more that I cannot find a picture of online.  It makes me want to make it just so there is one on Ravelry.  I can't believe no one has made it... it's gorgeous.  The squares are similar to this:

Posie block 

The center is the same, but there are leaves and a different border framing it.  But you get the idea.  In the book, the flower is pink with green leaves and a pale green background.  So gorgeous.  Like I said, I'm king of leaning towards it just because I can't find anyone else who has.  =)  Isabelle put in her two cents, picking this one.  She looks over my shoulder while I'm on Pinterest and ask me to make one of everything... even fancy designer dresses.  She has much faith in my abilities.  =)

I still have probably a month or so before Babette is complete, so it gives me time to decide and start stockpiling yarn.  Any one of those will take about 8 skeins of yarn, which is kind of an investment all at once.  I definitely need some bright, pretty colors after the monotonous Babette. 

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