Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today's Antics

(I really need to write these down more often, because I'm going to torture the girls with the retelling of all these stories at some point)

Our kids usually wake up before us and as long as they're locked out of the kitchen, they just sit and watch TV until they get hungry for breakfast and come wake us up.  There's not an awful lot of mischief that they get into as long as the kitchen is off limits.  Unfortunately, silly Mom left a ball of yarn out.  I don't know why.... I know if I do that I'll be chasing it all over the house trying to rescue it and reball it.  It was sparkly red sport yarn, something I don't really plan on using ever again, so I guess it just wasn't important to me. 

This morning, I woke up suddenly when I heard Olivia in the hallway (their bedroom is directly across from ours) saying "ooooh, Isabelle, Mommy is going to be so mad  at you."  Needless to say, I was out of bed quicker than lightning.  I looked into their room and saw an enormous web of red, sparkly yarn stretched out between the bunk beds.  I would have taken a picture, but their room was such a mess I would have been embarrassed to show it.  I asked her why she did it, of course.  "Because I wanted a web in our room."  Of course.  That makes perfect sense.

So I snipped and untangled and threw the yarn away while they cleaned their room. 

I had to do my grocery shopping today, and while I was out I got them some Skittles.  I don't usually get them candy when I go, but for some reason while I was in line I remembered how my little sister and I used to get so excited when my parents went to the store and would bring us home candy.  So I just had to.  They sat down to watch Ponyo for the 124th time this week with their candy and I washed dishes while Bill watched youtube videos about farming.  How he can sit there and watch videos about people filling up huge bags of grain is beyond me.  He was practically raised in a dairy barn, though, so I guess it's like watching home videos or something.

Again, Olivia sounded the alarm.  What I heard was "Zoe scraped the skin off of her nose."  And then she brought Zoe in with what looked like blood on her face.  I wasn't sure how that could happen, but these are my children.  However, what she actually had said was, "Zoe stuck a Skittle up her nose."  The red running down her face wasn't blood, but red colored snot.  She had managed to get the red one out (don't ask what she did with it, but you can guess, I'm sure) but she still had a green one lodged in the other nostril.  I was too relieved that she wasn't bleeding to really panic, I just thought "Great, we're going to have to go to the ER to get a Skittle removed from her nose."  Bill managed to get it out... luckily they're too big to go too far up.  Isabelle's nostrils were green, so I'm sure she started it.  That child.

Needless to say, I probably won't be buying them candy out of nostalgia for quite a while.  And Olivia just couldn't understand why I avoided the green Skittles when she offered me some.

Oh, but that wasn't the last of today's installment of their endless quest of turning my hair gray.   I threw all three in the tub at once tonight to save time and went to fold clothes.  I know some people would gasp that I would leave my kids alone in the tub, and I probably shouldn't, but not for safety reasons.  They're sneaky.  They have mastered the art of soundlessly leaving the tub and reentering without me hearing them, even when I'm on the other side of the wall.  Today they dumped an entire bottle of grape bubble bath in the tub.  Olivia's not allowed bubble baths because she gets UTIs from it, so that was bad enough.  I heard a plunk and went to investigate and saw them dunking Curious George in the tub.  Then as I was getting them washed up to get them out before they could get in more trouble, I found a Wild Thing in the bubbles too.  It's not easy to get bubbles out of a Wild Thing's fur, let me tell you.  They got a ride in the dryer for a while between loads of laundry tonight.  Poor things.

Drowning victims
They smell all nice and grape-y now though.


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