Monday, May 30, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Now that Babette is finished, I'm itching to start on another afghan.   This one will be for Zoe and I tried to get her to help me pick out a pattern, but she pretty much wanted everything.  I wanted some kind of flower granny square.  I had two in particular that I had decided that I would make test squares of and then decide from there.

The first one is a little daisy granny, which was almost exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted a yellow and white daisy with a colored background.  I love the look of colorful flowers on white, but I just don't think I would handle it very well if the girls spilled stuff on it.  Anyway, this is the inspiration:

The other idea was the Fantasy Garden afghan from the book I have.  I did not really love the afghan in the book, especially the color scheme, but I felt it had potential.  =) 

So I crocheted up a square of each to see which I liked better, if I liked either one.  Here is what I came  up with:

Decisions, decisions
Daisy on the left, Fantasy Garden on the right

The Daisy square is cute, but it's really small.  About 3".  Which means about 280 squares to make a 42"x48"  afghan.  Eek.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  Granted, they take like no time to work up, but still.  It's intimidating. 

Overall, I like the Fantasy Garden better.  Instead of a solid color flower in the center, I made the first row in yellow and the next two in white.  It looks so much better to me that way.  I even messed up and made 13 petals instead of 12, and was able to make it work.  It's about 5.5"... almost 4 of the other squares. 

I showed them to Zoe to get her opinion and when she saw the Fantasy Garden square, she gasped and proclaimed it "perpect!"

Test - Fantasy Garden
So Fantasy Garden it is.

I'm tempted to do it all pink, but I'll be so sick of pink when I'm done.  And having 3 little girls, it's best not to get sick of  pink.  I found some pretty light blue and light green today.  Maybe get some lavender...  Oh, the decisions never end...

But first, I must concentrate on sock monkeys!


  1. I like it! I have a project in mind for those little daisy squares. Need to get started or write it down somewhere before I forget... This blanket is going to be "perpect"!

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    I ran into your blog from Lucy's at the attic24 to Sara's at Tangled Happy and then finally landed in your piece of blogland. I love your style and your work! Plus your girls are adorable! Just wanted to take a moment and say hello!



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