Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have two moods of discontent... the loud discontent where I want to just shake the cage and scream, and the quiet, sulky kind.  I'm kind of the latter tonight.  I'm in a wanting mood.  I want something beautiful.  I want a hug.  I want laughter.  I want to not have to wait. 

There's nothing in particular wrong.  I think I'm just tired.  The week usually catches up to me on Thursday.  I've been up even earlier than normal all week to hit the gym.  I did very well up until today (and I am counting Monday despite the fact that the gym wasn't open yet and I didn't actually get to work out... the effort at 4am in the rain is definitely worth counting in my book) when I woke up to two little munchkins watching Spongebob at 4am.  Maybe that is my problem.  It just can't be healthy to hear that obnoxious laugh first thing in the morning. 

I don't have to work tomorrow.  I took the day off to go on a field trip with Olivia.  She's chosen her Daddy to go with her, though, since he's off on Fridays.  I don't mind that.  I get the day with Iz and Zo instead.  I'm still debating on what we are going to do, but I just want a day of enjoying two of my girls.  I hate that it will be minus a girl, but I've discovered that two - any combination - is fun.  Add the third and they lose their minds.  We had a really good night tonight, though...  no ultra-hyperness on their part or ultra-crankiness on mine.  We even went out to eat dinner without incident.  I've actually had a pretty decent day.  It really must be the early morning Spongebob that's knocked me sideways.

I have much that I should be doing tonight, and actually have time to do since I can sleep in tomorrow, but I'm not.  I've spent far too much time tonight looking at things on Pinterest. Do you have a Pinterest account?  I'm telling you, it's just the most amazing time suck ever.  I have found about a million and one things I have  to make in just the past week.  You have to have an invite to join, so if you want one, let me know.  I could look at the pretty pictures all. day. long.  (That probably isn't helping with the wanting mood either.)

This weekend I have to finish up an outfit for a friend's niece and get it in the mail next week.  It's sort of being birthed slowly from my brain.  I have the skirt almost finished and I think I've finally decided on how to make the top, although by the time I sit down to cut, who knows where my head will be. 

I also need to make some decisions about summer.  Last summer having all three kids home was pretty much a disaster.  I can put Olivia in day camp this summer, but the other two are too  young for just about anything.  I really don't want to put them in daycare.  Bill's schedule just changed back to one where he'd actually get some sleep at night, so I'm debating letting them stay home and then using the money we'd save on childcare to do fun stuff after I get off of work.  They're slightly less destructive now than they were then.  I mean, we've gone a whole year without Isabelle chopping everyone's hair off and I can't really think of any epic messes lately. I just hate to get a few weeks into summer break and realize that it's not going to work and then scrambling to come up with something for the rest of summer.  I wish so much that I could just take summer off.  But if wishes were horses....  I need a REALLY big barn.

Here's some happy for you... sorry if I'm a drag today =)


  1. I remember seeing Pinterest either through your blog or someone who linked to you. It looks like amazing fun times! I'd love an invite, if you don't mind. Just let me know what you need from me. :)

  2. I've been lurking quietly for a bit, and I'm dying to try out Pinterest. All the cool kids seem to be doing it lol. If you still have invites, I'd love one! :)



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