Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a fun-filled and safe holiday today!  Our day was pretty low-key.  My husband doesn't get holidays off, not even Christmas, unless they fall on his normal days off, so there was no grilling or any of that kind of fun.  I decided we did need to do something to celebrate, so I took the girls to our city's local celebration and fireworks.  It's the first time for Zoe and Isabelle, and Olivia was so  young the last time she saw them, that she doesn't remember.  I hadn't taken them before because Izzy really doesn't like loud noises.  But she wanted to go, so we took some precautions...


I don't normally take the girls anywhere really crowded very often if I don't have backup, but no one got lost.  We went to get some flags...


And was lucky enough to have a very talented face painter work on the girls...


I thought the wait for the fireworks to start would be more than the girls could handle, but they were very patient.  Aside from my brilliant idea of parking at the high school and taking the shuttle, thinking it would save us time trying to get in and out (which it didn't), it was a wonderful time.  And Isabelle didn't even really use her ear plugs.  She said she loved it. 


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