Friday, July 15, 2011

That's cool!

My sister's BFF is in town this week.  She brought her mother and her dog, so they opted to stay in a hotel, which meant they had access to a pool.  She wanted to see the girls before heading home, so she invited us to come over to play in the pool. 

Two summers ago, Zoe wouldn't so much as dip her toes in a pool.  She was terrified of water.  Last summer, she would go in, but only if she was latched to someone the entire time.

Look at her this summer...


That's Zoe, floating on her back all relaxed on a noodle.  It's like she turned into a frog.  As long as she had that noodle, she was invincible.  She swam all over that pool, and she'd get mad if you tried to help her.  I wish I had more pictures of her in the water, but it was almost impossible to get one on my phone since I couldn't see the screen in the sun and I wasn't going to bring my real camera out there.  But she didn't mind getting water in her face and she just had this cute little grin going on the whole time... she was very pleased with her new-found love of the water.

Her sisters discovered the joy of jumping into the pool.  I swear I tried to discourage it, but I was the only one.  Zoe decided she wanted to try to jump in, too.  It was the funniest thing I have ever watched.  She wrapped her noodle around her waist and she'd start to jump and back down.  Start, back down.  Over and over.  She'd lose her grip on her noodle and then spend a few minutes trying to wrap it back around her.  She finally did jump, which was about the time I decided pool time should be over.  I couldn't take that much of my kids being daredevils.

We had lots of fun, though. 


I can't wait to see their faces when they see the ocean in a little over two weeks (we didn't have to cancel the trip... Bill had a few aces up his sleeve in regards to the tire issue)


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