Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a difference a year makes...

I was looking through some pictures yesterday and ran across some from last summer.  And I was just floored at how different my children look.  It's always amazing how much children change from year to year. 

This was Olivia about a year ago. 


As you can see, her diva nature has NOT changed, but the rest of her sure has:


She went from being a little girl to being half grown.  Gah!  I don't know what I'm going to do with her. 

This was Isabelle about a year ago:


The short hair is killing me.  All three of them looked like little boys by the end of last summer.  And she is the culprit.  Anytime she touches scissors now, she says, "I promise I won't cut anyone's hair."

Here she is now:


So much prettier with hair.  Not that she wasn't pretty before... she's gorgeous no matter what.  But I prefer her with hair.  You can still see that little tomboy streak, though.

Now we have Zoe, a year ago:


This was shortly before she got her hair whacked off.  I couldn't bring myself to put up a picture of her shorn.


Thankfully, not as big of a difference.  She's still got the baby thing going on, but she's shedding that pretty fast.  She's starting to come into her attitude, also, if you can't tell by the picture.  My sweet cuddlebug is not quite so sweet sometimes.

Just a year to go from this...


to this...


It's just crazy.  I don't even want to think about how I'm going to feel about this a year from now. Oh my....


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about, but I have two boys -- and last summer they both had long hair. When I see pictures of them then, it is shocking. My oldest is 15 and has grown so much. In fact, he is taller than me and has the hairiest legs, and I wonder when that happened. Very strange to have your kids become young adults. My youngest will be 13 in October and the older one 16 -- where does the time go? I know this summer is just flying by! Have a great week! Tammy

  2. You're absolutely right! A year makes all of the difference when you're little. You're girls are so gorgeous! If yours are growing anything like Little A, please make it stop! It wasn't supposed to go so fast!

  3. Blink and before you know it they will be 20 like Trey is now. I hate to see them grow up too..who else is going to call me Sunshine and Roses?



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