Friday, July 1, 2011

What's in the bag?


I have been waiting for today all week long.  A few weeks ago, a local yarn shop (the only one I know of) had a Living Social deal  - a $30 coupon for $15.  I jumped all over that.  I need some lace weight yarn for a shawl I'm wanting to make and Hobby Lobby's selection is pitiful.  I also knew it would most likely not be cheap, so I was thrilled to have that coupon show up.  I knew better than to try to take the girls... they'd be bored silly in a yarn shop.  So I waited almost patiently until today when Bill was off of work and I could steal a few hours by myself to go check it out.

It's a cute little shop and there were three ladies sitting around a table knitting, two older ladies and a girl in her early twenties probably.  I told them what I was looking for and how much I needed and one of the ladies led me straight to what I needed and even showed me the motherload - a skein of 1400 yards for $20.  Let me just say I was so excited to find that because that meant I had money left over!  She took the skein to the winder to wind it up for me and told me I might want to go get a coffee or something - 1400 yards takes quite a while to wind.  I said I'd stay an browse.  I mean, come on... I'm used to Hobby Lobby, this was like going to Rodeo Dr after a lifetime of shopping at Walmart. 

the yarn mart
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

When I say I could spend hours there petting yarn, I know from experience.  The ball winder and my lace weight yarn did not get along.  They had to hand wind it for about a quarter of the skein before they got it to work on the winder.  I was there almost 2 hours.  I really didn't mind either.  I could probably spend hundreds of dollars in that place and still feel the need to go back in for more.  They were very knitting-oriented though.  Not a hook in sight.  That's OK, though.  I can knit.  I just prefer crochet.  I'm sure they assumed I was knitting my shawl, but it's crochet.  Shhhh!  ;)

So what did I get?  Let me show you!

The yarn for my shawl.... 

Well, actually, THIS is the yarn for my shawl.  1400 yards of beautiful.

I dug around the sale racks a little bit and found some yarn that reminded me of my neighbor's purple crepe myrtle that I stare at all the time and tell myself that I must use those colors for something.

crepe myrtle inspiration
I actually had to ask what kind of plant it was...  I am clueless about plants.  I just think they're pretty.

So this is what I grabbed, for $6 each...

I don't know much about Noro, but I've seen people rave about it and I know $6 a skein is a steal.

The ladies gushed over the colors I picked and asked me what it was for.  I have no idea.  Yet.  But it will be gorgeous, whatever it is.  They offered to wind these for me, also, but I thought 2 hours was probably much more than my husband had expected me to spend in there, so I told them I could handle it.

I am really wanting to start my shawl, like right now.  But I'm making myself finish my sunhat first.  I'm almost done with it, it's just the brim is kind of boring and it's slow-going now that the more exciting part of the hat is finished.  This ought to kick me into gear to get it done.

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