Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My kids make it all better

I had a very frustrating day at work.  People were just rude to me and I was working on small claims stuff, which is by far my least favorite part of my job.  So I was really glad to get home.  My husband warned me that the girls were being little terrors, though, so I wasn't quite sure being home would be much better.

But, it was.  My kids always do stuff that just make me so happy to have their little personalities in my life.

First, the littlest two decided to nap!  Sweet!  They were both asleep by the time Bill left for work, so it was just Olivia and I.  She wanted to type, so I opened up Word and she composed a letter while I just laid my lazy bum on the couch and spelled words to her.  She's 6, you know.  There are things she does that make me think she's going to be such a huge nerd and I love it.  The letter was to my sister, so I copied and pasted it into an email and sent it to her.  It's so cute.

Zoe woke up and realized her Daddy had already left for work.  My little Daddy's Girl was heartbroken.  "He didn't kiss me goodbye."  Tears running down her chubby little cheeks.  It was so sad, but so sweet.  I told her he did kiss her, I promised her that he wouldn't leave without kissing her and she said, "I don't feel like he kissed me."  She wanted me to call him immediately regarding the issue, but I got away with just sending a text.  I am fairly certain that he will hear all about it in the morning.

Now, Isabelle has an alter-ego.  Her name is Greenie.  Isabelle tends to be a little bit of a (read: total) bully with her sisters.  They won't fight back, either.  She was torturing them, so I had to sit her in time out next to me and I asked her what her problem is.  She said "It's because you call me Isabelle.  Izzy is a mean name."  Of course.  Greenie is the nice version of Isabelle.  So I promised to call her Greenie and she promised to be nice.  And oddly enough, it works.  If she gets rowdy enough and tells me that calling her Greenie will make her nice, it usually does.  My little split-personalitied child.

Isabelle not liking her nickname of Izzy is total karma for me.  Growing up, I was called Jenny and I hated it.  When I was about 10, I demanded that no one call me Jenny ever again.  And to this day there is only one person who ever calls me Jenny and that's my older sister's best friend.  Actually, I probably should have stuck with Jenny... I know a billion Jennifers and very few Jennys... I might actually respond to my name if I was called Jenny.  I just don't think of myself as a Jenny.  Now I have a kid who dislikes her nickname.  And I so love calling her Izzy.  That was one of the best things about naming her Isabelle, I could call her Izzy.  I never once thought of calling her Belle or anything of the sort.  Izzy fits her.  I still haven't figured out where "Greenie" came from and I doubt I'll ever really get into calling her that - and she's been insisting on it for months now.  But I guess I should be more understanding....


  1. Oh, Jennifer! I hated Jenny, too. When my mother introduced me to my kindergarten teacher, I made sure she understood I did not like "Jenny."

    My mother: Hello, Mrs. W. This is my daughter, Jennifer.

    Mrs. W: Why, hello, Jenny! It's nice to meet you!

    Me (kicking her in the shin): My name's not Jenny! It's Jennifer!

    Needless to say, she never called me Jenny again.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have three girls with such distinct personalities ??? I have two boys -- 12 and 15, and they couldn't be more different. I had a friend in high school named Jennifer -- and that's just what she was, no Jenny ever. Funny how people make the assumption that they can shorten your name. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly. Best wishes, Tammy



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