Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've never seen Gone With The Wind

I've been too exhausted most of the week to really even think about blogging.  In addition to having to drag myself back to work this week after a wonderful vacation, and then realizing I had forgotten an entire week when counting my days until my next vacation (I'm telling you... my memory is shot... totally shot), my kids had a horrible sleeping week.  They're pretty terrible sleepers anyway, but normally it's just a few days here and there.  It was all. week. long.  I was lucky to eek out 4 hours a night.

We were all so exhausted by Friday, that I forced everyone into a nap when I got home because we were going to a baseball game and I knew the chances of the girls not having major meltdowns depended on it.  We all... all 5 of us... slept about 3 hours.  We were almost late for the game.

I've been having my usual crafty ADD... working on this project one day and a new one the next while planning another.  I'll get some pictures soon.  Nothing even remotely finished, of course.  ;)

Today, we had a family fun day.  We try to do that every Saturday.  We started out by going to the farmer's market, because Bill was dying for some peaches.  We ended up with peaches, pluots (plum/apricot hybrid - Bill was intrigued), butter baker potatoes (my favorite), and pickling cucumbers (so I can try to make refrigerator dills).  And the girls talked us into buying them some earrings from one of the craft vendors.  I could most likely have bought the stuff to make them myself (plus many more) for what we paid, not that it was that much, but still.

She picked these because the beads were in a pattern.  I may have a math nerd on my hands.  =)

After that, we had lunch and entertained our waitress with our shenanigans. 

They're growling at each other.

After that, we went to The Old Mill.  You might recognize it...


I have never seen it (because I could fill a book with all the movies I've never seen), but I've been told that The Old Mill is featured at the beginning (I think) of Gone With the Wind.  It's a favorite picture-taking spot around here.  In fact, we were trying to avoid getting in the way of a wedding going on there today.  I kind of wish I had gotten a picture of this, because it just is so ridiculous to me...  at one point they were taking pictures on the bridge and I kind of did a double take because the groom was laying on the side of the bridge and the bride was laying on top of him.  Then I realized what they were doing.  They were planking.  Seriously?  There are some things in life I just don't get.  Planking is one of them.  And feather extensions.  Don't get that either.  (I must be getting old... sigh...)

I got some fun pictures of the girls while we were there...

My favorite picture of the day.

And just enjoyed the beautiful colors around me...

I'm not an orange fan, but this makes me happy nonetheless

I do have pictures of my other girls, but my husband seems to be downloading the file from hell and therefore seriously impeding my uploading of photos to Flickr.  I'm too impatient to try any more.  ;)

Finally, once we were home, Mr. Bill decided to water the garden, which is an invitation for the girls to put on their swimsuits and go play in the sprinkler.  He remembered we have a tarp in the carport, which soon turned into a homemade slip 'n slide.


Fuzzy picture... the lens fogged up going from my frigid house into the hot, humid backyard.  But the result is that my yard looks far less shaggy and you can't see the neighbor's junkyard of a backyard.  You can see Bill's corn.  He's very proud of his corn.  It's the first year in many that he's managed to get corn to grow taller than knee-high.  The rest of the garden is pretty sad, though.  Being a farm boy does not necessarily make you a gardener.  OK, OK.... so I was in charge of the garden.  I have many talents and gardening is not one of them.  =)

Hope you've had a fun-filled weekend and here's to a better, more well-rested week ahead!


  1. Hey Jennifer. Just stepping back into reality this week after a month off. My mom asked me what day it was yesterday???? So I feel your pain. Its going to be a tough week. Been away from the blogosphere for much of that time so I'm off to see what else the Just Jennifer family has been up to. Wishing you a happy week. :)

  2. I am going to get a feather extension in my hair. Stacey bought a whole chicken full of feathers and wants to put one in my hair real bad. After she puts it in, I'm going to go planking. :P



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