Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Company's a-comin'!

Next week!


My husband's aunt messaged me a few weeks ago to ask if we'd mind if she and my husband's grandmother stopped by for a few days on a road trip they were planning.  Of course, we don't mind one bit... We don't get to see his family nearly enough since they all live scattered across New England and we're in Arkansas.  I hadn't heard anything else about it, so my husband sent her a message to see if they had dates yet.

Well, after school today, Olivia kept talking about Gram coming to visit next week.  Next week?  I had no clue!  I texted Mr. Bill, and sure enough.... it's next week.  When next week, I don't know.  I'm assuming he just found out today.  I hate back and forth texting, so I'll wait to talk to him tomorrow.

I'm a total communications loser.  I don't like to talk on the phone, I don't like to text, I don't like instant messaging....  I don't even like to talk face-to-face sometimes.  I'm telling you, I'll be a 90 year old hermit one day.  Not an old cat lady though.  I barely like the one cat we have now.

Anyway... in addition to next week's visit from Bill's aunt and grandmother, next month my mother-in-law and her boyfriend are coming to visit.

We're just popular this year =)

Neither time will they be actually staying with us, which (I hate to say) is a little bit of a relief.  I certainly would never say no, but I had such anxiety when my father-in-law and sister-in-law came to stay with us for a few days last fall.  I'm way too introverted to be a good hostess.

Of course, as is the norm, my house is a disaster area.  I thought about going to visit my parents this weekend, but I'm thinking I'll be scrubbing floors instead.

Here are some totally unrelated pictures of the Dodo, hanging out with me while we wait on her sisters to get out of school. 


I punch you

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