Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Beautiful Dorks

Before I show you the awesome picture of my kids that I took today, let's talk about my cleavage.

I have been wanting to make a scrub top for a while.  I found a pattern on sale for $1.  I got the fabric.  I finally got around to cutting everything out last night and waited all day to get to my sewing machine.  I had to make sure all the laundry was finished first (last weekend I wasn't so disciplined).

Now, when I bought the pattern, I thought I had better get the one that was XL and up.  When I got around to measuring my chest, it said I could wear a L, but the smallest in the pattern was XL and I always hear that patterns run small.  Whatever.

I did not enjoy this project.  I hate sewing sleeves, as it turns out.  But I finally finished it up and immediately ran to the bathroom to try it on.

Holy Muumuu, Batman!


Looks huge, right?  Because it IS huge.  And WAY too low cut.  I look down and all I see is cleavage.  I don't really enjoy showing off my boobs, and especially not at work.

Sorry for no picture of me modelling it.... it's next to impossible for me to take a self portrait with my phone, I'm too lazy to get out the real camera, and I don't want my cleavage on my blog.  I hope you understand.  =)

I might try to sew some elastic in the back to cinch it up and I can wear a tshirt under it.... we'll see.


I took the girls to a new ice cream... excuse me... frozen yogurt place today as a reward for doing their chores this week.  It's called Tutti Fruity, which Olivia thought was the funniest name ever and then asked if they were supposed to toot in there.  They spend too much time with their father, I think.

It was good, just your normal self-serve froyo joint.  Nothing much to distinguish it from any of the others that keep popping up around here.  Except their "small" bowl was as big as Zoe's face, but rest assured, I did not fill it even halfway.  That's just insanity.  And too expensive.

I did like the decor... very bright and colorful.  They had a cute bench on the wall that the girls had to sit on before we left, and I took their picture....

My beautiful dorks

I don't know if Isabelle is throwing gang signs or what.  Olivia was actually really excited that I let her wear mismatched socks since I hadn't washed socks yet.  And Zoe...  we're just lucky her undies didn't make an appearance in this picture because they did several times before and after.  And the dress actually goes to her knees.  She obviously doesn't get her lack of modesty from me.

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