Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why do I even have a phone?

So, I grabbed my phone earlier to see if I had any cute pictures to upload.  The girls will take off with my phone at times to take pictures and sometimes I just forget about some of the pictures I take.  When I picked up my phone, I noticed that I had a text.  From 5 hours ago.

This is not unusual.  It was from a friend at work and she knows that if she texts me, it will probably be hours before I respond.  I hardly ever have my phone in the same room as me at home and I never hear it.  I need like a fog horn or something attached to it.

Friday, I drove all the way back to work after I got home to get my phone.  I leave it at home all the time, too.  And I'm lucky if I plug it in to charge it. (Better do that now, in fact...)

There have been these little squiggly lines on the top bar of my phone for days now and I kept wondering what they were.  I realized today that my phone has been on vibrate, no sound.  For DAYS.  I checked... no missed calls.  I hardly ever use the stupid phone as a phone.

There are only 3 people I text regularly, and that's not regularly as in daily.  I don't play games on it.  I check Facebook sometimes when I'm waiting on the girls to get out of school.  Mostly, I take pictures and upload them. 

So here are some pictures... I may as well get my money's worth out of this stupid thing...

Big foot
Zoe's big, dirty feet.  The cone of yarn with fluff on it looks like she's got a nuclear reactor behind her.  And yes, there is yarn ALL OVER MY HOUSE.

 See saw
When was the last time you saw a see saw?  And yes, Isabelle's skirt IS on sideways.

I'm going to just tell you that keeping three swings going is an excellent workout.


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  1. I think its always handy just to have a phone, even if you don't use it that often...especially for good pictures like that :) Word!



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