Friday, March 2, 2012


I have never been a fan of the ripple crochet patterns.  I guess they just remind me too much of the itchy, ugly orange and brown ripple afghan my mom had on our couch when I was growing up.  But the more I look, and the less they look like that afghan, the more drawn to them I've gotten.

And today I started a project... in a ripple pattern.

Zig zag

I bought a few yards of this super cute fabric a few weeks ago with a zig zag design on it.

And this is the first time I realized I have been looking at the actual fabric sideways...  I hadn't unfolded it.  Huh...

Anyway, I want to make a dress with a crocheted top and thought a ripple pattern would be cute.  Of course, now I see the ripples will be going perpendicular to the fabric's zig zag, but hopefully it won't look bad.  I wonder how bad it would be to use the fabric sideways....

I have a few skeins of cotton  yarn... turquoise, green, orange, and pink.  There's actually not any pink in the fabric, but I thought it needed it. =)  I have tried the crochet/fabric combo dress in the past... with not-so-great results, but I think I know where my problems where and hopefully this works better.  If I remember correctly, I used Caron Simply Soft and worked it weird and it stretched like mad.  And it was kind of ugly.  I think cotton will look better and hold up better and I know what I'm doing more now, so fingers crossed....

Zig zag
Yeah, the fabric faded a bit after washing.... boo.  Not too badly and there's a chance the yarn will fade a bit, too.

And I kind of enjoy making the ripples.  Who would have thought? 

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