Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Fun Day - Purple Glasses edition

We made plans to drive to Hot Springs (about an hour away) to the botanical gardens to see the tulips.  But considering the length of the drive and the chances of rain, we decided to scrap that plan and do something a little closer to home.  We packed a picnic dinner and were headed to one of our many walking bridges when Bill decided we should to go Pinnacle Mountain.

So we did.  We let the girls play on the playground and walked a few trails.  Ate our picnic lunch and walked some more. 

I grew up near Pinnacle and didn't know about half the trails around the mountain.  We're definitely doing some exploring around there this summer.

Here are some pictures... and you'll notice a recurring item in some of them:  a pair of purple glasses I bought the girls from the $1 store. 

Gorgeous day, gorgeous child

Glasses make Isabelle ponder deep thoughts

I noticed that Olivia's clothing matched the graffiti.

 Yeah, the glasses again.

A Dodo tree! (I have to say it makes me really sad that people are such jerks that they'd carve up such a beautiful tree)

Man, I love Arkansas.

We didn't have any quarters to make it work, but she still loved playing with it.

And this was when Zoe used her psychic powers to knock Daddy down the mountain ;)

After our second little trail walk, we eventually headed home, when the girls started whining they were hungry.  Dinner was pretty light and the girls were too occupied to eat much, so we decided to stop at get something to eat.  Our waitress's chest (not her boobs, higher - like a few inches below her collarbones) looked bedazzled.  It was like she had 6 tiny little blue gems set into her chest.  I was so curious.  The skin looked slightly red, like a recent piercing, but I was like "how on earth do you pierce your chest?"  Well, I ended up googling it while we waited on our food and you really can pierce your chest.  They're called dermal piercings.  (The link is safe - no pics of "private" piercings LOL)  I'm so uncool... why have I never even heard of this before?  It was actually really neat looking.  My husband usually thinks piercings are really gross, but he admitted that it was kind of cool.     

I learn something new every day....

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