Friday, March 16, 2012


Do you watch Project Runway?  It's one of my list of things I have to watch that people make fun of me for.  No one in my family is really into any sort of reality television, so the fact that 75% of "my shows" are reality shows makes me silly to them.  But Project Runway just gets me.  I've mentioned before that I wanted to be a fashion designer once upon a time, so it's totally my thing.

I never watch shows when they air, so I finally got around to watching this week's episode tonight.  One of the designers decided to do a "therapy" theme for his collection and he made these crazy cool Rorschach designs on the fabric.

I have to do this.  I have a white tshirt in the closet that I never wear... because it's white and I have kids and it wouldn't be white long... and black fabric paint and I would totally be doing that instead of typing this, but I'm too lazy tired to drag stuff out and put it back up.

Even aside from that, I have so many things in my head wanting to come out right now that I feel slightly insane.  Sometimes I just feel so creative and it's so frustrating that I don't have a lot of time to get it out.  And when I have free time after the kids are in bed, I'm so exhausted or have, you know, responsible things to do.

Ugh, responsibility.  ;)

You know, like cleaning house all last weekend for our company that arrived yesterday but isn't allowed in my house because Isabelle has the plague or something.

Sick kiddo

Really.  My life is a shining example of Murphy's Law.

Luckily, they weren't planning on sleeping here, but I'm sure they expected more company than we've been able to provide. 

I got called to pick Iz up from school Thursday morning... she had a high fever and had thrown up.  Then I found out that 20+ kids just from Kindergarten went home with the same symptoms.  Insanity.  We were afraid it was the flu - some of the kids were actually diagnosed with the flu - but here we are the next day and by bedtime she was definitely better.  I've never heard of a 24 hour flu, but who knows, really?  I couldn't get her a doctor's appointment, they were booked solid.  Not surprising, but frustrating.  How bizarre that nearly half of the Kindergarteners just all fell ill like that?  I don't know how much the older kids were effected, but Olivia didn't mention that there were a lot of kids out in her class.  But the Kindergartners are in a separate building... 

I don't know.. it's just weird.  Weird enough that the principal called the CDC to come out, but when they heard some kids were diagnosed with the flu, they decided to just write it off to the flu and be done with it.  I personally don't think it was the flu, like I said, but whatever.  She's better now, that's what matters.

So, tomorrow we'll all get to go have lunch with Aunt Lynne and Gram.  Yay!  Hopefully take them to see The Old Mill if it's not raining.  Spend a little time before they continue on their little road trip.  I think I might need to put everyone in a bubble before my Mother-in-law comes next month...

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