Sunday, March 18, 2012

My New Favorite Shirt

Last week I told you about something I saw on Project Runway that I wanted to copy:  a Rorschach design on clothing.  In my case, a tshirt.

Yesterday, after Bill's aunt and grandmother went back to their hotel to rest and the girls were occupied, I dug the white tshirt out of my closet.  It was just a plain white men's tshirt.  Not the thin undershirt kind.  I decided it needed a little different shape to it, so I trimmed off the hems and cut a new neckline.  I left the edges raw because I thought it went with the overall feel.

I needed something to put inside the shirt to prevent any bleed-through to the back, so I took the box from a case of soda and with some cutting and folding, got it inside making sure one of the creases went down the middle of the shirt to make folding the shirt easier.  I had some black fabric paint and, making sure to keep it on one side (although it really wouldn't matter), I just squirted and squiggled a random design.  I carefully folded the shirt in half (you have to make sure it doesn't have any wrinkles) and pressed it for a few seconds.  I added a little more paint and repeated until I was satisfied with my design.


I let it dry overnight, then ironed it to set the ink (I've never actually done this when I've used fabric paint, so we'll see if it makes a difference), and it's in the wash now. The design is a little stiff... probably went a little overboard on the paint... but hopefully it will soften up with a few washes.

Before I threw it in the wash, I took a fabulous bathroom mirror cell phone shot for you. 

New favorite shirt

I love it.  Absolutely love it.  I need to make one for the girls.  They'd never wear it, but whatever...


  1. That is pretty awesome, I have seen Rorschach designs before and I would never have thought of using them as a design for a t-shirt. Now if someone were to ask me what I saw in your t-shirt,a butterfly!

  2. I can see a man's face at the top, kind of with a little moustache and goatee! Great job!



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