Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I think I'm going to break Flickr.

I thought I had a lot of pictures the first night I went through the stuff Bill's aunt gave me. 


I'm uploading 120 pictures to Flickr.  From just tonight.  Thank goodness I'm finished.

I found just some crazy cool stuff in there.  And needles.  Holy cow, it seemed like everything I opened had at least one package of needles tucked in there.

Clothing patterns from the 50s.  Crochet patterns from the 40s.  More crochet thread than I could probably ever use.  I mean, I feel kind of obligated to make some doilies and tablecloths now.  An antimacassar or two.  I just like that word.  Antimacassar.

(that's an antimacassar, if you didn't know)

Did you ever watch The Big Comfy Couch?

Source: google.com via Bailey on Pinterest

Lunette had an Aunty Macassar.  That always cracked me up.  And Major Bed Head.  And Snicklefritz.

I'm a little loopy from antique dust, I think.  Since uploading these photos will obviously take all night, I'll have to share them with you tomorrow.

By the way, today was Mr. Rogers' birthday. 

Source: funnyjunk.com via Jamie on Pinterest

Oh, how I miss Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood....

I have to have this necklace:

Alright... I'm finished being obnoxious for now.  ;)

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