Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Ziggy Zaggy Zany

Zig Zagging in just a minute... before we get to that, a brief progress report.

I took a little break from my Buttercup blanket...  I got a little bored with it.  I'm more motivated now that little Bridget has arrived.  I told you she'd get here before I could finish.  My friend lives in another state, so I've only seen pictures, and she's a cutie.

Here's my progress so far...

Through row 5
5 out of 11 rows (plus the border)

So, in the meantime, I've been working on my zig zag projects.  I had this idea of making a little Spring sweater.  It is already super warm here, so I don't know why I thought about a sweater, but I did.  I've never actually crocheted anything like this, so it was pretty crazy to just decide to wing it like I did, but I did.   It's all one piece... it looked like a big plus sign with a hole in the middle before I seamed up the sides.  I finished it up this weekend and I'm just now getting around to taking pictures of it.  My floor looks terrible, but I swear I did sweep it.  I need to pressure wash the whole freaking house.  Kids, I tell you.

Zig zag sweater

It's just a funky little cropped sweater.  The neck, which I wanted to be big, was bigger than practical so I added the buttons on there to close it up a little.  Little kids don't need the sexy off-shoulder look going on, in my opinion.

Want to see it modeled?  Alrighty...

Zig zag sweater

Aw, Zoe, you're so cute.  Let's get a little sassy now...

Zig zag sweater

That's without her modelling coach.  We're improving. 

Zig zag sweater

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have swept again since then.  Look, I'm just happy you can see the floor at all.  It's a real challenge for us.  You're lucky we're expecting company any day now and I've been putting forth extra effort.  I'm beyond caring anymore, though.  My house is a nonstop wreck.  There... I admitted it.  =)  My name is Jennifer and I'm a slob, or at least everyone around me is and I chose to spend my time doing anything but picking up after them most of the time.

I want to just make a cute little skirt to go with it out of the zig zag fabric.  Probably a paper bag waist.  Sadly, I'm getting a little bored with this now.  Hopefully I can recover so I can make a third outfit before Easter.  I'm pretty sure I will... Bill's aunt sent me a message that they should be here tomorrow.  She said she's ready to be able to see out of her back window of her car and hopes I have room for some boxes.  You know what's in those boxes?

Oh, just wait.  ;)

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  1. Very cute! I saw this on Facebook the other day. Zoe is an adorable model as always. Have your girls reverted back to their original names? I hope so... For your sake. :)



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