Sunday, March 4, 2012

We are lucky girls...

I finished my Zig Zag dress today but I want some good pictures of it on a body before showing it off.  I am so excited about it.  I've decided it will be our Easter dress this year... I have to make two more now!  I think the crocheted bodice will be different for each one, although I do like the ripple top an awful lot.

Mr. Bill, being true to his nature, got out to mow the yard today.  As soon as it even looks like the grass has grown the tiniest bit, he's out there.  I'd say he takes a lot of pride in the yard, and it's not that he doesn't, but I think it's more that he loves his "tractor."  The girls love it too, and they love to watch him mow.  I was inside listening to them cheer him on like he was a race car driver.  I noticed a change in the excitement and peeked out to see that he was letting the girls take turns "driving" the lawnmower.

Zoe takes a hands-off approach to driving.

After they each had a turn around the yard, he parked the mower and broke out the rope swing.  My kids can't get enough of this swing, and they like to go high.  You put them on a regular playground swing and they freak out, but they feel completely comfortable dangling from this rope.

Despite the look on her face, she's having a blast.

See what I mean?

Don't worry about her playing outside in that that frilly dress... it was a $2 find at the thrift store and she got paint all over it within 24 hours of bringing it home.

We should all be so carefree...

It is so easy to take amazing pictures of these kids.

And here is the funny photo of the day....


Bill is laughing because Zoe hit the tree while swinging (not hard, she even thought it was funny).  After looking at the picture, he pointed out that it looks like Isabelle is choking Olivia.... which is a very good possibility.  They love each other one minute, try to kill each other the next.  But isn't that the definition of sisters?

We're very lucky girls indeed, to have a good Daddy around.  I'm especially lucky to have him and 3 amazing, happy girls.  =)

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